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They want to save the world and they want to be seen whilst doing it. What makes a pose and what makes real content? From a shady studio basement in Malmö all the way to Hollywood; in “Local Hero 3: The Musical” Bombina Bombast have become sellouts. The rights to their own battle against copylaw rights have been sold to Amazon, with the company’s CEO Jeff Bezos celebrating Malmö’s own superheros for their “punkish edge”. In this newly acquired position they all of a sudden realize that they’ve bargained with their own artistic freedom, and as their bank funds rise their grand ideas cease. 


But if we take it from the very start; how did we even end up here? 


The word Superhero™ is patented by comic books publishers Marvel and DC. In some states in the US, the penalty for murder is lower than unauthorized use of protected material. What laws can - or should - we break for a greater good? Where do we draw the line for whom we collaborate with in order to get our message out to a large audience? And finally - how much are we ready to sacrifice to save the world? 


Since 2014 Bombina Bombast has challenged the copyright laws protecting famous and beloved characters, costumes and storylines. Their struggle continues in this fourth and final production from the series about superheroes and copyrights. Unlike previous editions, Local Hero 3 depicts the characters as they’ve grown up to become rich, beautiful and successful. This is that phase in life in which they can afford long spa retreats and have the time to meditate every day in order to cope with the stress and life puzzle as “celebrities”. But eventually the childish and startling enthusiasm to play a superhero always peeks through. 


From having been David and Goliath against the grain to now wearing their Messiah Complexes on their sleeves - Local Hero 3 depicts the characters’ dreams to participate and influence our heroes of today. In this setting stage fights alternate with original musical compositions and glittering choreographies. Our heroes are faced with big questions such as whether it is their own urge to entertain and be seen that is greater than the political agenda on copylaw rights they are running. How far can their naive idealism take them this time? But, perhaps the largest question is whether it’s possible to break free from your own storyline?

Regi: Stefan Bexell Stanisic

Text och dramaturgi: Emma Bexell Stanisic 

Skådespelare: Jerk Ohlson Westin, Ronja Svedmark, A.Z Kelsey & Vilde Bodsberg 

Dansare: Renata Dias Fraga Schroll, Lina Coelho Andersson, Ellinor Carlsson 

Batteria / trumslagare: Batteria Malmö (BAM) 

Ljus och videodesign: Jesper Berger 

Illustratör: Karl Johnsson 

Scenografi: Svante Back 

Musik: ELZ

Koreografi: Robin Jonsson & Khamlane Halsackda

Ljud och ljuddesign: Nanna-Karina Schleimann

Producent: Emilia Thorin 

Produktionsassistent: Matilda Tjäder

Streaming: Oscar Steen

XR-design: Shaya Khalil 


With support from: 

Kulturrådet & Malmö Stad


Thursday 20/1. 19:00. 
Friday 21/1. 19:00.
Saturday 22/1. 18:00.

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