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LOVE LOOP Director's Cut 2015-16

LOVE LOOP - Director's Cut is a performance about our love for social media. Bombina Bombast was invited by Sydhavn Teater in Copenhagen to create an extended version of the performance LOVE LOOP that premiered in a bunker in Copenhagen 2015.


During an hour we follow Mille. She is an actress, 35 years old, in a relationship. Not necessarily a healthy one, though. You see, Mille is more dependent on him, than he is on her. And now she fights to hold on to him: Franz-Bent, an incredible surfer, known and desired by many.


Emma Bexell & Stefan Stanisic (Bombina Bombast) were invited to explore the meeting between live-streaming tech and the solo-performance LOVE LOOP, written and performed by Mille Maria Dalsgaard. They contributed with new camera angles, optical loops and confession cams to Mille's world of sound loops and love troubles. 



Written and performed by: Mille Maria Dalsgaard

Video design: Emma Bexell and Stefan Stanisic

Supported by: Statens Kunsfond (part of cooperation project TEATERBROEN: Through the Ages)

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