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TWeN PiKS - a performance where everybody does everything and nothing is what is seems

TWeN PiKS is a performance curated by Emma Bexell and Stefan Stanisic. It’s a gamefied experience where everybody does everything and nothing is what is seems, inspired by David Lynch’s cult TV series Twin Peaks. Gamification is the concept of using TV-game mechanisms and apply them in other contexts. In TWeN PiKS Bombina Bombast explores gamification in theater and whether it works together with methods of curating and new exhibition practices.


Be prepared for an immersive performance where your choices play a crucial part in designing your experience! In TWeN PiKS performers and artists from different disciplines give their interpretations of situations and characters from the series. Bombina Bombast built interactive installations at Inter Arts Center in Lund  and a diner on the Inkonst theater stage in Malmö, to name a few, where the audience find their own path through the narratives and challenges in the borderlands between art exhibition, performance, theater and game.



Concept set design and interactive video by: Stefan Stanisic and Emma Bexell

Animation by: Katrine Hoffmann

Choreography by: Ana Stanisic 

Music by: Axel Fagerberg, Jonas Nilsson

Interactive sound piece by: Olle Markensten

Text by: Annika Nyman, Manda Stenström

App programming by: Joakim Lavenius

Voice acting by: Jerk Ohlson Westin

Light design by: Malvina Johansson

Artists: Svante Back, Jacob Nordqvist, Anja Grim, Liv Kaastrup Vesterskov, Adam Knapasjö, 

Guides: Adriana Aburto Essén, Malene Bergtrup, Tutoring: Annika Nyman, Jörgen Dahlqvist, Rikard Loman

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