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NOISE - a performance about 1 & 0, 2016

Noise is a celebration of the virtual in our world. It’s a beautiful combination of innovative technology and classic theatre. The performance is about 0 and 1 that have been thrown out of their digital world and now have to face the physical ”real” world.


The digital and the virtual have created so many new spaces in our society; meeting points, playgrounds, secret corners. The characters have never had physical bodies but now are forced to take a human form. 0 and 1 don't understand the non-virtual world and that world doesn’t understand them. Humans complain about the flood of noise from technology but for 0 and 1 that noise has been their only reality.


Noise is a potpourri of the expressions that distinguishes Bombina Bombast -- film with onstage acting, virtual reality with real meetings, the digital and physical in one.



Concept: Emma Bexell & Stefan Stanisic. 

Director: Stefan Stanisic. 

Text: Emma Bexell. 

Stage design: Svante Back, Amanda Lebert Elfvelin (intern from MAH's Stage production program)

Composer: Olle Markensten

Choreography: Ana Stanisic

On stage: Ana Stanisic, Jerk Ohlson Westin, Svante Back, Olle Markensten


With support from: Kulturrådet, Malmö stad and Region Skåne.


Venue: Bastionen, Malmö

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