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The Blank Slate: a conception about conceptions. You’re an open and tolerant person, right? Relatively open-minded at least. But somewhere even you must draw a line, eh?


The Blank Slate is an absurd, norm-critically investigative musical theater comedy in one act. Here, the line between the bizarre and the everyday is erased and the most natural is put into question. For example, why do we have table manners? By placing a completely unprejudiced character on stage The Blank Slate examines the justness of our customs and traditions, conceptions and misconceptions. Are there really any legitimate reasons why we think the way we do? Is it our own rational standpoints that lies behind or are we completely controlled by society? Society? What is "society"?


Created and performed by/skapad och framförd av: Isadora Lundén, Johan Eriksson, David Ronner, Max Stenberg

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