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Local Hero Part 2 or The Iliad or We Were Here Before the Copyrights And There’s No ”Sue” In Superhero™ (Please Don't Sue Us)


The title says it all.


This is the third production in a series about superheroes and copyrights. Bombina Bombast has since 2014 challenged copyright laws protecting famous and beloved characters, costumes and storylines.


The word superhero is patented by comic books publishers Marvel and DC. In some states in the US, the penalty for murder is lower than unauthorized use of protected material. Ethics are the underlying theme in Local Hero Part 2: what laws can, or rather should we break to do good?


So far, we’ve almost been sued by Disney (that owns Marvel), worn out 12 Spiderman suits, toured the Nordic countries and fought for our heroes with characterizing DIY-aesthetics, speaking directly to the audience and performing breathtaking stage fights. Now our heroes are tired of being underdogs and have gone back to their roots to prove to the multi corps that superpowers were here before the copyrights. Aided by the Iliad Local Hero Part 2… shows how Hollywood doesn’t have exclusive rights to the moral epic with godlike heroes. Athena was there before Wonder Woman. In other words: toga trumps cape. Showtime!



Concept: Emma Bexell & Stefan Stanisic (Bombina Bombast)

On stage: Julie Lindvik, Jerk Ohlson Westin, Andrea Vik, Olof Yassin


Supported by: Region Skåne, Kulturbryggan, Inter Art Center

Graphic design: Rebecca Gislén

Stage fighters: Emanuel Lindberg, Lisa Mårtensson, Emma Louise Karlsson, Frida Odeberg, Per-Olof Linus Ask, Elina Säfsten

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