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Dreambox is an immersive piece where virtual reality meets performing arts, where there is no difference between memory and fiction. Developed at Eskus - Performance Center in Suvilahti, Helsinki, Finland and premiere at Inkonst, Malmö 18 December 2015


In Dreambox individual dreams are made into collective memories. The piece consists of several rooms where you as an audience participant gets guided through an exhibition of dreams and memories. Together we investigate the embodiment of situations that have happened or that we want to happen, with the aid of virtual reality headsets. Perspectives shift between exhibition, game, and theater by mixing participating with observing, the intimate with the public, the private with the political and the most fantastic and the strange. 


The Dreambox is a part of Project Portal: a project that combines performing arts with virtual reality gear.



By/av: Emma Bexell and Stefan Stanisic (Bombina Bombast)

Scenography/scenografi: Svante Back


Participating artists/Malmö edition: 

Svante Back (SE)

Emma Bexell (SE)

Carina Ehrenholm (SE)

Axel Fagerberg (SE), Ana Stanišić (SE), Adam Stålhammar (SE), Albin Westerlind (SE)

Andrea Vik (NO), Sjur Marqvardsen (NO)

Nina Matthis (SE), Milan Marković (SE/RS)

Felicia Ohly (SE), Paula Sundberg (SE), Amanda Lebert Elfvelin (SE)

Ale Ottenby (SE), Mina Vattøy (SE/NO)

Karolina Pietrzykowska (PL)

Stefan Stanisic (SE)

Ida Wallfelt (SE)

Anneli Horáková Eriksson (SE), Lovisa Perman (SE) 

and Jerk Ohlson Westin (SE) 


Funded by: Swedish Arts Council, Skåne Regional Council and the Department of Culture in Malmö

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