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We had a great idea: to make a VR reconstruction of Bergman’s Persona from the perspective of the mute character Elisabet. Then along came copyright laws, technical issues, burnout, maternity leave, and the realization that however hard we tried to cut ourselves loose from the past, we kept replicating Bergman’s iconic source material. In this live performance two actors try to make sense of where it all went wrong. With leftover VR-material from the attempted Persona reconstruction, humor, bite and some singing and dancing we try to rid themselves of Bergman’s ghost once and for all.

Supported by: Swedish Film Institute, Centre National du Cinéma, Swedish Arts Council, Skåne Regional Council, Film i Skåne, City of Malmö, City of Paris, FilmCentrum Syd, Boost HBG

Direction: Emma Bexell och Stefan Stanisic

Screenplay: Emma Bexell

Live on stage: Stephanie Hayes, AZ Kelsey

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