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For the second year in a row, a performing arts festival with LGBT theme is organized at Boulevardteatern in Stockholm, as a cultural complement to Stockholm Pride. What sets PRIDE @ Boulevard apart from other Pride festivals is that the performing arts are fully in focus - and primarily from a feminist perspective. It’s a platform for exploring and developing new ways of shaping LGBTQ on stage. When the same theme is addressed on the stages of other larger theaters, it’s often the white, young, gay man who is at the center of such productions. But even there, the problem of stereotypical women's roles remains. Therefore, we have the main focus on female stories and represent the groups that are not only marginalized in society at large but also within their own minority culture. - Lesbian, bisexual and queer and trans people. We not only want to question the heteronorm but also the homonorm.



With: Bombina Bombast, Trojkan Nöjesproduktion, Kvalitetsteatern and others.

Production managers: Adam Gardelin, Angelica Herger, Adriana Aburto Essén

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