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Paradise Activity a project written and directed by Emma Bexell and Stefan Stanisic as a part of their graduation from the Mime Acting Class at Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts and was shown during the school’s Degree Shows 2015. 


Paradise Activity (formerly paranormal hotel/paradise activity) is a performance consisting of multiple simultaneous performances, obsessed with its own present. It starts off as a regular pop-cultural piece, in the sense that we interpret, retake, read a little, write a little, make film, theater, theater-theater and dancedance-dance. A bricolage of pieces in one where the audience enters as participants and are guided by bodies, sounds and images through an exclusive experience beyond conventional theater spaces. 


In Paradise Activity,  Bexell Stanisic continues their investigation of the line between curator and artist, between body and rules.  



On stage: Lena Bondeson, Lilja Fredrikson, Stina Gunnarson, Katarina Krogh Engelsen, Sara Ribbenstedt, Ana Stanisic, Peter Åström | Author-Directors: Emma Bexell & Stefan Stanisic (Bombina Bombast) | Dramaturgy/text pieces: Karin Isaksson

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