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An Inflatable Dinosaur is a collaboration between Bombina Bombast and Boulevardteaterns theater school in Stockholm.The question "what would I do if I could do whatever I wanted for one day in my life?" Has been the starting point for a number of workshops presented in a collage of career-dreams, gender improvs, outcomes and taboos. Director Stefan Stanisic and playwright Emma Bexell have developed an idea by mime artist Ana Stanisic and let An Inflatable Dinosaur be a question of how we move, sound and relate; we are each other's audience. Allowing young theater workers to take their seats on a large stage is in itself a question of who can show what for whom and where. Welcome to Boulevardteatern, honored audience!


With: Helena Lewin, Jocke Thelin, Ellen Gehlin, Ana Stanisic, Julia Juhlin, Linda Jokela, Isolde Jobarteh, Beatrice Svensson, Adriana Essén, Ellinor Göransson


Thank you: 

Fredrik Gustafson for stage fight choreography, Ulrika Lindqvist for costume, Vällingby theatre for the venue and Ica Ringe for the groceries.

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