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Free race for the able /// Horror over Dalecarlia

Bombina Bombast was invited to Falun to work with ScenKonstellationen in an old wool factory in Sågmyra the summer of 2015. In the project Fritt lopp för de dugliga/Horror over Dalecarlia our fears of the unfamiliar, our ideals and urge to categorise, to group and to screen anomalies are examined. In an interactive experience the Swedish cultural heritage and the history of racial biology is scrutinized. All in a night you won’t forget… for a long time.


In the heart of Sweden, in the historical province Dalarna, among mountains, hill farms and tasseled garters, lies an abandoned wool factory that once flourished and put the town Sågmyra on the map. It was a part of the vision of a strong Sweden where industrial progress and belief in a bright future paved the path for a new field of research and the founding of the Swedish State Institute for Racial Biology in 1922. The institute never closed down but instead just moved its activity to Sågmyra factory where it still conducts experiments in the name of eugenics, away from public knowledge.


You now have a unique opportunity to buy your way into this secret project called Fritt lopp för de dugliga - Horror over Dalecarlia and help the scientists examine and restore Swedish identity. The project offers a breathtaking look into the undisclosed rooms of science, with an exclusive opportunity for self-development. 



With: Emma Bexell, Svante Back, Eleanora DeLoughery Nordin, Kristoffer Pettersson, Stefan Stanisic and Ida Wallfelt


Funded by Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Falun Municipality and the County Council of Dalarna. 

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