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Bombina Bombast makes political musical theater of Voltaire's novel Candide. On the big stage of Södrateatern in Stockholm young promising actors from all over the country in an optimistic and big initiative based in today's pessimistic cultural climate. Candide may have been among the largest youth initiatives in Sweden ever, realized by young people themselves-- the participants came from STDH, Biskops Arnö, Skara scenskola, Kulturama, to name a few. The production was shown both in Sweden and abroad. The naive Candide was played by Camilla Eriksson, educated at the Scenskolan in Stockholm. The music was created by musicians known from Monde Yeux and Crying Day Care Choir and performed live. The dramatization of Votaire's satirical novel was done by playwright Emma Bexell and directors Fredrik Gustafsson and Stefan Stanisic.



Adaptation: Stefan Stanisic, Fredrik Gustafsson, Emma Bexell

Directed by: Stefan Stanisic, Fredrik Gustafsson

Production dramaturg: Emma Bexell

Original music: Jack Elz, Sara Elz, Bill Nystedt

Music arrangement: Jack Elz, Sara Elz, Bill Nystedt, Robin Lyne, Niklas Niskanen

Choreography: Ellinor Göransson

Make-up, masks, wigs, hats: Josefine Larsen, Lina Nyberg, Madeleine T. af Ström

Prop master, graphic design: Stefan Askernäs

Costume: Kajsa Gustavsson

Costume assistant: Ellen Eklöf

Production Managers: Riccard Slettengren, Adriana Aburto Essén


On stage: Camilla Eriksson (as Candide), Mathias Lafolie, Maja Christenson, Svante Back, Ana Stanisic, Daniel Ohlsson, Joakim Thelin, Karin Franz Körlof, Razmus Nyström, Axel Rydén, Simon Olsson, Adriana Aburto Essén, Ellen Gehlin, Emma Roswall

Dancers: Ellinor Göransson, Josefin Dahl, Isabell Westerlund

The band: Jack Elz, Sara Elz, Bill Nystedt, Robin Lyne, Niklas Niskanen

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