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It's Cold And There's No Music, 2020

Moriska Paviljongen, Malmö, 7 March 2020

Stenkrossen, Lund, 11 Mars 2020

SALT, Oslo, 1 April 2020

Sydhavn Teater, Copenhagen, 5-6 September 2020

A future where every human interaction is analyzed in smallest detail and forced towards perfection. Is that what we want? How do we then explain to an artificial intelligence what it means to be human, beyond logic?

It’s Cold and There’s No Music is a poetic work about robots, loneliness and our need for comfort in a world we don’t know where it’s going an unknown future, decided by a values we don’t believe in. Two dancers on stage use a motion-capture suit to interact with an animated artificial intelligence. The data from the suit is live streamed to projections and the dancers take turn being it, talking to it, explaining to it what it means to be human. Together they create a celebration of that which cannot be explained and only truly known once it’s lost.

The title is borrowed from a Tom Waits song about a young woman’s broken dream of happiness. She dances alone in the cold without music. Can we find hope in solitude? Maybe the dance is an expression of the hope she once had and the distance between her desires and what she is left with. What can be found in the dance?

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