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What is Virtual Rehearsal Space?

In 2022 performing arts company Bombina Bombast collaborated with choreographer Robin Jonsson (now known as Lost in Time) and developers DynoRobotics to explore how live rehearsals can work remotely in a shared virtual space. The result was, in short, a system that enables performing art creators to rehearse remotely in VR. This website is a time capsule that tells the longer story: how we did it, what we learned and where this project led us. Feel free to dig into the material in any way you like. The source code for our Unity project is published under SETUP, as are instructions for how to use it and specific tutorial videos. The PROCESS and CONTEXT tabs lets you explore tools, insights, people and connections: look for the LONG READ on our website if you want to dive deeper in. Don’t hesitate to shoot us an email if you have any questions or comments!

Virtual Rehearsal Space was funded by a grant for creative infrastructure from kulturbryggan of the Swedish Arts Grants Committee.

Design by Mathias Tang

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